Monday, January 10, 2011


Ingradints -

 raisins                      1/2 cup
 milk                         1/2 cup
 sugar                       1/2 cup
 salt                          1/2 tsp
 butter                      1 tbsp
 beaten eggs             2
 sifted flour               2 cups
 yeast fresh               20 gms
 dry bread crumbs    2 tbsp
 almonds                  18


Put raisins in hot water for  15 mins. Heat milk and add sugar ,salt and butter .Beat in eggs and flour and mix for five mins . When milk is cool ,add raisins and yeast dessolved in 1/4 cup warm water ,and mix all together thoroughly . Cover and allow to rise in a warm place for one and a half hours or until double in bulk .Butter a mould and sprinkle with breadcrumbs . Place almonds to form a design at bottom of the mould . Keep  in  a warm place for one hour . Bake for 15 mins then reduce heat and bake for almost 45 mins more .

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