Saturday, January 15, 2011


              Ingredients  :

Prawns ( shelled )      450 gms
Cooking Oil               5 tbspns
Vinegar                      2 tbspns
Sugar                         1.5 tbspns
Cornflour                  1 tbspn
Water                        2 tbspns

CHOPPED  Ingredients :

 Garlic                    2 cloves
Onions                   2medium sized
Tomatoes              3 large
Red Chillies          3

                METHOD :

    Heat oil in a pan and add prawns and keep stirring untill their colour turns pink . Remove prawns from pan and set aside. Add garlic and onions to oil remaining in pan .Add tomatoes and
chillies. Keep stirring the mixture and when it is nearly cooked,
add prawn , vinegar and salt .Mix cornflour with water ,add to
prawn mixture and cook untill it thickens .Serve hot !

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